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ReNEW You Counseling is a private practice that serves individuals, couples, and families within the DMV.

ReNEW You Counseling LLC is a private practice based in Maryland that serves individuals, couples, and families around the DMV. We offer a variety of services that include individual counseling, group counseling, couple counseling, career counseling, mentorship, partnerships, consultation, and public speaking /training.


ReNEW You connects individuals to NEW coping skills, resources, and tools that can enhance your quality of life.

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Reducing The Stigma of Mental Health Services

Our Services

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Individual, couples, group, career and family counseling. Each service utilizes interventions, techniques, and assessments from a therapeutic modality to meet the specific needs of each client. Services are offered virtually, in person, and within the community.



Partnerships with schools to provide after school programs, training and psychoeducation services that look to strengthen the accessibility and knowledge around receiving mental health services through a culturally sensitive approach.


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Speaking engagements, sponsorships and vending opportunities to reduce stigma around mental health services. We  provide psychoeducation to address barriers within mental health services through culturally sensitive interventions. 

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